IEM New York CIS: My Best CSGO Picks

IEM New York CIS

IEM New York CIS: My Best CSGO Picks

Yesterday’s results

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Yesterday wasn’t the best.

Chaos, above all, managed to destroy most of the day actually. They had every chance to play the match right but instead tried to be FURIA(against worse teams) and lost the game in the end. They had a lead on the second map and turned that into a tight halftime score. Then they had a lead again and dropped it to overtime and eventually lost. Not much to say. Other than that it went pretty well in IEM New York NA.

FLASHPOINT didn’t deliver this time however as both Virtus Pro and Nexus had bad performances. Nexus really should’ve won. They broke a 7-0 lead on the first map to overtime and lost three match points on the CT-side on Mirage. They then lost that map and went to Nuke where they brought themselves a 11-4 lead only to lose that map as well, this time with 13-16.

Too many mistakes yesterday. We’ll try to sort that out today!

As always…

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Lets move on to the IEM New York CIS!

My Best CSGO Picks For IEM New York CIS

Nemiga – Hellraisers

  1. Hellraisers ML to 2.30 at BETWAY
  2. Hellraisers -2.5 Map 1 to 2.43 at PINNACLE
  3. Hellraisers -1.5 to 4.86 at PINNACLE

Spirit – Gambit

  1. Gambit -2.5 Map 1 to 2.42 at PINNACLE
  2. Spirit -2.5 Map 2 to 1.80 at PINNACLE

Natus Vincere – K23

  1. NaVi -1.5 to 1.61 at BET365

BONUS: FLASHPOINT Closed Qualifier

ForZe – HAVU

  1. ForZe -1.5 to 3.25 at BET365

Let’s see how it goes at IEM New York CIS and FLASHPOINT Closed Qualifier!

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