FLASHPOINT Qualifier: My Best CSGO Picks


FLASHPOINT Qualifier: My Best CSGO Picks


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FLASHPOINT actually was one of the cooler things of late 2019 and CSGO. It was a tournament with partnered teams who was supposed to be extremely good, have exceptionally experienced teams and offer good prize pools and economics overall for the teams. It was supposed to be a perfect match to ESL Pro League’s format with their partnership teams.

While the latter still stays the same, everything else more or less became a fiasco. Season one was horrible with the partnered teams, such as Dignitas, Cloud9 and MIBR having insanely bad perfomances and we even saw roster moves and problems with the Heroic team signing for FPX and then not being able to play and so on. Season one was just a practical joke really.

Season 2 doesn’t really add upp to anything spectacular either. The majority of the partnered teams doesn’t even have, or have a full, roster. MIBR, Cloud9, Dignitas, FPX, MIBR, MAD Lions, EnVy and GenG doesn’t have a full roster. That’s 7 of the 8 partnered teams. It’s just amazing how much they advertize their league as the best while they have zero to offer any viewer, partner, sponsor or player. It’s more or less a joke this league.

Shitty league version two incoming? I believe so.

While the league itself is a joke, they still have qualifiers for which will give two teams the opportunity to play the league itself this upcoming season. Last year we had HAVU there who made it to the semis. They didn’t even get an invite back to the league for their amazing perfomance.

It’s just another shitty move by FLASHPOINT. Seeing they need 12 teams in the league and only have 7 teams participating as partners, originally meant to be 10, I can’t see how FLASHPOINT is going to survive and have a season three. The math is not adding up.

But, the FLASHPOINT Qualifier is important. The teams participating wants to give it all. The FLASHPOINT Qualifier should give a nice viewer experience at least.

As always…

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Lets move on to the FLASHPOINT Closed Qualifier CSGO Picks!

My Best CSGO Picks FLASHPOINT Qualifier

Endpoint – sAw

  1. Endpoint ML to 1.75 at PINNACLE
  2. Endpoint -1.5 to 3.40 at BET365

HAVU – Heretics

  1. HAVU ML to 1.75 at PINNACLE

ForZe – Nexus

  1. Nexus +1.5 to 1.94 at PINNACLE

North – Budapest Five

  1. Budapest Five +1.5 to 1.97 at PINNACLE

Virtus Pro – AVEZ

  1. Virtus Pro -1.5 to 2.20 at BET365

Winstrike – Secret

  1. Over 2.5 Maps to 2.02 at PINNACLE

*Please note that the odds may shift from the time of posting

Let’s see how it goes at FLASHPOINT Qualifier!

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