ESL Pro League: My Best CSGO Picks For Day 6

ESL Pro League

ESL Pro League My Best CSGO Picks For Day 6

My Best CSGO Picks

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Time for my best CSGO Picks!

BIG – NaVi (Sunday 6th of September)

Not entirely sure how to think about either of these two teams but I would rank BIG as the better team as of now. Not only because of the teamplay but they just seem to be a little bit more “on” right now.

The game versus AGO wasn’t the best one, especially not on Vertigo, but they still managed to win 2-0. NaVi played quite good versus GODSENT but I also want to point out just how bad GODSENT was in that particular match. I’m not going to take away the win from NaVi, they did good, it’s just that GODSENT should’ve played that a lot better than they did.

I don’t really enjoy these two teams facing each other since they’re not very fun to watch. Both teams have some nice tactics but both teams also play quite slow which doesn’t open up for a fun game.

While NaVi is a team that’s been around for ages and played together for a long time the teams form itself is still questionable. They’re too up and down to call favourites but they’re too good as a team not too.

Right now, BIG are the better team though, in all aspects.

Small value on the germans.

My Best CSGO Picks:

  1. BIG ML to 1.80 at BETHARD

*Please note that the odds may shift from the time of posting

OG – AGO (Sunday 6th of September)

It’s a no-brainer not to go with AGO here.

It’s not the best team nor a team who has the best players but seeing, and knowing, how often and how much they can upset better teams, it’s just stupid not to hop on the train.

Especially knowing how bad OG are as a team and how low the mentality of the players are in the team.

Yes, OG has the better players. Without a doubt. But it doesn’t matter too much in a game where teamplay is what matters. While OG has started to play better, which was only a matter of time, they’re still not connected to each other. They still need a lot of practice before they can be considered anything above average.

While AGO doesn’t have the best players they do have a quite good team, and a team that has played with each other for a while already. They have some maps they’re good at and they have some sort of teamplay but what they do have, as not many teams have in this particular league, is the surprise factor.

AGO is the ultimate underdog. Not many teams know, care or have researched how AGO performs or plays. They simply don’t care. Many teams thinks they’re better already and that they don’t need too. Mark my words.

This gives AGO the ultimate chance of surprise and if they maintain that suprise factor all the way they can definitely upset a few teams.

On Sunday that might just be OG.

My Best CSGO Picks:

  1. AGO ML to 3.05 at BETHARD

*Please note that the odds may shift from the time of posting

That was my best CSGO Picks for Sunday!

Let’s see how it goes at ESL Pro League!

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