ESL Pro League: My Best CSGO Picks For Day 15

ESL Pro League

ESL Pro League My Best CSGO Picks For Day 15

ESL Pro League Stats

Our last post about our results

Day 1 (Tuesday 1st):

  • G2 -1.5 to 2.74 LOSS
  • BIG -1.5 to 1.85 WIN
  • GODSENT to 2.40 LOSS

Day 2 (Wednesday 2nd):

  • ENCE ML to 2.55 WIN
  • Vitality ML to 1.86 WIN

Day 3 (Thursday 3rd)

  • No CSGO Picks

Day 4 (Friday 4th)

  • Heroic -1.5 to 1.86 LOSS
  • BIG -1.5 to 2.37 WIN
  • EG -1.5 to 2.01 WIN

Day 5 (Saturday 5th)

  • Astralis -1.5 to 2.60 WIN
  • Complexity ML to 1.83 WIN
  • EG -1.5 to 1.85 WIN

Day 6 (Sunday 6th)

  • BIG ML to 1.80 LOSS
  • AGO ML to 3.05 LOSS

Day 8 (Tuesday 8th)

  • ENCE -1.5 to 2.85 LOSS
  • Fnatic -1.5 to 3.54 WIN

Day 9 (Wednesday 9th)

  • Mousesports ML to 2.45 LOSS
  • Complexity -1.5 to 2.54 LOSS

Day 10 (Thursday 10th)

  • No CSGO Picks

Day 11 (Friday 11th)

  • OG -2.5 Map 2 to 1.90 WIN
  • Fnatic ML to 2.35 LOSS
ESL Pro League Week 2 Stats

Week two at ESL Pro League didn’t go equally well. Neither the picks from my own spreadsheet or my picks here at the website was any good. We managed to get 6 picks and we only won 2 of them which gave us a negative ROI of -9,5% and a result of -1.71 units.

I mean, the picks might’ve been good but the results didn’t show as the teams didn’t perform to their fullest. That’s just Sports Betting really. You can only do 90% yourself. The rest, the 10%, is up to the teams and that is completely out of your hands.

It’s time to keep grinding. Bad results happen and you can’t really do anything about it. We gotta hope the teams play above average the next week which is week three.

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Let’s move on to some new picks from ESL Pro Leauge!

FaZe – Spirit (Tuesday 15th of September)

Spirit is normally not a better team and nowhere close FaZe’s skill level, but right now, the roles has shifted.

FaZe are awkwardly bad. They have zero wins at ESL Pro League and they haven’t even won a single map yet at ESL Pro League. FaZe has gone 5 matches without taking a single map, leaving them at 0-10 over 5 games. That’s so bloody bad.

The last time FaZe won a map, and also a match, was versus MIBR at ESL One Cologne. That was on August 21st. Almost a fucking month ago. Tell me this team doesn’t have a mental breakdown right now and wondering what the hell is going on.

They have zero leadership. Their tactics doesn’t work. They have no map pool. They have no team chemistry. Nothing works. Nothing.

Spirit might not be the most consistent team and might not be the best team between these two in general but right now there is a team that’s a lot more hungry for wins, prestige and glory and that’s not FaZe.

I’ll keep playing against FaZe, enjoy the good value it brings, and hope they continue playing bad.

They will have zero chance against Spirit if they continue playing like they have the last month. Spirit have a map pool, they have hungry players and they have some decent team play. They can absolutetly crush FaZe, which is normal to FaZe nowadays, if they play like they should.

Let’s hope they do.

My Best CSGO Picks

  1. Spirit -1.5 to 2.88 at COOLBET
  2. Spirit -2.5 Map 1 to 1.86 at BETHARD
  3. Spirit -2.5 Map 2 to 2.00 at BETHARD

*Please note that the odds may shift from the time of posting

Chaos – Triumph (Tuesday 15th of September)

If you thought FaZe were any bad, look at Triumph. While I would want to write a story about how bad both of them are and how much they should get married, I won’t. Chaos should have this match in the bag without any problems.

Triumph, like FaZe, has nothing to show. In their last 5 matches they’ve managed to win one map, and that was versus Cloud9 when they underestimated them. Beyond that, they’ve been bad, as a team should be when other teams steal your players.

Chaos might have lost steel and they might have had some limited time to practice, which can be seen in their results, but they definitely have a lot to play for. If they even want to consider ending up anywhere close to Top 5 at the end of the season, they have to win matches like this one.

I’m confident they will do just that. They have the power in their players to crush Triumph on Tuesday.

My Best CSGO Picks

  1. Chaos -1.5 to 1.93 at COOLBET
  2. Chaos -3.5 Map 1 to 1.85 at COOLBET
  3. Chaos -3.5 Map 2 to 1.73 at COOLBET

*Please note that the odds may shift from the time of posting

Let’s see how it goes at ESL Pro League!

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