ESL ONE COLOGNE: My Best Picks For Round 2

ESL One Cologne: My Picks For Round 2

ESL One Cologne Picks

ESL One Cologne: Introduction

Round 1 of ESL One Cologne is ongoing as we speak.

I’m not on the lazy side though!

I’m already in the progress of finding picks for tomorrows round two of ESL One Cologne. It feels kinda good to be back to CSGO Betting. It’s been a well-deserved rest for approximately two months, but I’m just hyped for this shit right now and I don’t really know why.

We’ll see how the tournament goes in terms of the picks. Maybe we’ll do good, maybe we’ll do bad, I’m not sure. The results may affect my decision regarding future picks on this site, but I’m hopeful!

Continue reading to see what picks I got for tomorrow!

Complexity – MAD Lions

Complexity is the better team in this match. There’s no need to discuss that.

MAD Lions hasn’t been the MAD Lions we all used to love and adore since HUNDEN left only to be replaced by Acilion. What a joke of a transfer to be honest.

While they had some good results after his departure it was only a matter of time before it was going to go downhill.

The latest addition is innocent who was last seen in Illuminar and while he’s a good player I find it hard to believe how he’s going to be a good fit in a danish squad. It just doesn’t make sense. This step looks desperate.

They might not have had much of a choice since Bubzkji, also their best player, left the team, but they should’ve picked a danish player instead of a player with another nationality. It will only do them worse, mark my words.

As Bubzkji left, so did the teams form, the teamplay and everything that HUNDEN built to make MAD Lions a number one contender. With six losses in a row and a team without chemistry I’m not too sure how they will manage to take down Complexity. It just seems too hard. 

Complexity is just so much better. Not necessarily as a team but they can definitely cover that with the raw individual skill level of their players.

I find it hard to see how MAD Lions are gonna last against Complexity. I’m not convinced.

I’ll go with Complexity -1.5 (2-0) to 1.94* at BETHARD

*please note that the odds may shift from the time of posting

NaVi – Mousesports

This is a tough match to be honest. I can’t really figure out who might win this match pregame. I don’t think neither team will win ESL One Cologne either. I’ll just play the odds really.

I do think that this match is a perfect 50/50 match as both teams have been in idle for a while, both teams are very questionable online and both teams hasn’t really impressed anyone in 2020.

It’s extremely hard to know which team will be the best in this match though. Both teams really lack the teamplay and both teams are incredibly inconsistent at the moment. There’s really not much of tactical plays and if there is then the round after it’s back to normal. It’s just sad to see.

I’ve already mentioned that I don’t believe neither team will win ESL One Cologne and I’ll stand by that. However, I do think that Mousesports will get a better placement than NaVi in the end.

Let’s hope they can show that in this matchup.

The pick will be Mousesports ML to 2.37* at BET365

*please note that the odds may shift from the time of posting

FaZe – Heroic

Heroic has to be a good pick in this game. I could even see them winning the trophy at ESL One Cologne.

I like FaZe and what they have stored for us going forward with Kjaerbye, but in a game that’s all about teamplay, Heroic has to be considered the better of the two.

Heroic is good. They have the teamplay needed to beat the best. What they don’t necessarily have, at least consistently, is the belief, trust and power to execute this teamplay on a regular basis against the top teams.

They almost seems to be a bit to scared sometimes, a bit to “non-believing” in themselves as a team and that kinda works in the opponents favour when it all matters. I’m sure that HUNDEN as a coach will help them through this, as he has as a player so many times already, but until they do, they can’t really be favoured against the top teams.

FaZe might have the better players, routine, firepower and individual skill levels but in a game where teamplay really plays a big role, it just doesn’t really matter.

I really enjoy the value on Heroic winning this matchup. I can even see them winning ESL One Cologne if they play by the book. That’s just how good potential this team has.

The pick will be Heroic ML to 2.37* at BET365

*please note that the odds may shift from the time of posting

Let’s see how it goes at ESL One Cologne!

Hopefully we find some good wins. If we don’t we try again.

I’ll try to cover the entire tournament as much as I can.

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