ESL One Cologne: My Best Picks For Round 1

ESL One Cologne – Introduction

ESL One Cologne

ESL One Cologne is about to start.

The tournament was scheduled to be held in July but due to COVID-19 ESL One Cologne couldn’t be played as intended. ESL One Cologne will be held online for the first time ever.

It will be quite interesting to be honest. I can’t find a reason why a team like BIG or Complexity won’t win ESL One Cologne. It’s online and it’s their time to shine. It’s more possible than ever I would say.

I actually got some picks for Round 1 at ESL One Cologne.

I made a sneak peek this weekend and found some good bets, in my opinion, that I’m more than happy to share.

While this isn’t an official claim that “I’m back!” I must say it feels quite good to find some picks again.

We’ll see what the future holds.

ESL One Cologne – Picks For Round 1

Astralis – Fnatic

As I’ve already have Astralis as the winner of ESL One Cologne it would be quite stupid if I didn’t have them as a winner of this matchup.

While you can’t base a prediction on that only, I still feel, and know, that Astralis has a lot more to give, more than most of the teams have in this tournament.

Matchups between these two teams are usually very interesting and exciting. Normally Astralis finishes on top but Fnatic definitely had their fair share of wins too in the past.

H2H between these two teams reveals that Astralis has a 24 – 7 scoreline versus Fnatic. Of all the times they’ve played against each other and across all the maps, Astralis is the clear winner. If we continue to span that to 2020 we find the roles a bit turned as the scoreline is 4 – 4 between the teams with Fnatic winning the last two BO3’s.

Both of these teams have had a break for a while now. Fnatic had their last official game for the season on 3rd of July and Astralis had their last official game on 9th of June. Interesting as well is that both teams ended the season with three losses in their last games.

It’s quite hard to determine how they would look tomorrow. Astralis haven’t played officially with Bubzkji and es3tag yet either which also makes it hard to predict who actually would win pre-match.

I would however say that there will be a lot of competition and fight between these teams. There almost always is. These teams rarely leave a match without a brawl, knife kills and bad manners from Fnatic.

I expect it to be an awesome match but I will favour Astralis as the winner of this first match at ESL One Cologne. Sure, it’s not offline and at an event where they can play in front of the crowd and perform, but I’d still favour them.

They might have two new players, they might have had a very bad start of 2020, they might have had two of their core players removed, but still, despite that, I would say that Astralis is a wildcard with a lot more to give than what’s been shown so far.

They have two incredibly skilled additions to the team with firepower and a warriors mindset rarely seen in CSGO. They have three core players who’s routine, experience and mindset outshines most of the best teams and players. They just have that extra that so many teams lacks.

Fnatic is not a bad team and neither is Astralis. It will be a fight that lasts for a long time but when the game is over I do believe that Astralis will stand there as winners, ready to win the entire tournament called ESL One Cologne.

I find some value in Astralis Moneyline to 1.95 at BETHARD


I expect NIP to crush OG in this matchup. I just can’t see OG winning this as they’re not the best team between these two. Simple fact. I do not believe that any of these two teams will win ESL One Cologne however.

While OG has started playing officially again after the player breaks the results hasn’t been the best lately. NIP is just back from vacation.

OG are currently 4 – 3 in their games after the player breaks. These wins are unfortunately only against worse teams, except ForZe. They almost lost to PACT yesterday as well. The losses has been against Complexity, BIG and Heroic, teams that, with a look at OG’s lineup, they should be able to win against.

NIP ended the last season with three losses. I’d say that’s kinda expected since the team had a shopping spree and changed players back and forth since the start of 2020, but it’s still not the best results.

They’ve had some time together now with the new lineup and the team has been in practice mode during the vacation. While we still don’t know how they will look officially, we can with certainty say that they are coming prepared to this tournament.

NIP has a quite unique playstyle and it fits quite perfectly against OG’s. I do believe we will see that tomorrow and I do believe it will be a smooth 2-0 ride for the swedes. I can’t really see what map OG should outperform NIP on. The only reason OG would win a map or even the game itself is if NIP comes out with their pants down.

NIP have a better team chemistry, they have a better teamplay and while they might not have the best players on every spot they still are the better team in this match.

Add NIP‘s unique playstyle on top of that and we have a fun match waiting for us. There’s not many teams at the top that can win so many rounds and games thatthey shouldn’t win, as NIP.

I’m on NIP -1.5 (2-0) to 2.81 at BETHARD

100 Thieves – GenG

Neither of these teams will win ESL One Cologne.

I don’t like 100 Thieves more than I like GenG but I do like the teamplay that GenG shows more than often nowadays.

I don’t feel that neither of these teams is in a good shape right now and I don’t think that neither team is better than the other if we look at the whole picture.

What I do know though is that GenG is a quite good team and in terms of teamplay, they have a slight advantage in the matchup compared to 100 Thieves.

The aussies seems to have lost everything they had. They’ve been so bad for a long time now that it really makes me question if there is any sort of performance waiting to be shown or not. They’re not the best team online either which doesn’t add to ones curiosity.

While you can’t really judge these two teams too much from the start I can just play on the value I see in the teams and that value unfortunately isn’t found in the 100 Thieves camp.

I’ll play the odds here. It should drop closer to the start as this is a close 50-50 matchup.

I’ll go with GenG ML to 2.26 at BETHARD

Let’s see how it goes at ESL One Cologne!

Hopefully we find some good wins. If we don’t we try again.

I’ll try to cover the entire tournament as much as I can.

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