ESL One Cologne: My Best Picks For Winners Matches

ESL One Cologne: My Best Picks For Winners Matches

ESL One Cologne Picks

Let’s Clarify Something

I fucked up by calling it “Round 1” and “Round 2” of ESL One Cologne. I just remembered that.

It’s was actually round one yesterday as well, just for the remaining teams. Today, aka Thursday, round two starts.

What I meant about round one and round two was this:

Round 1 = The games for day one of ESL One Cologne

Round 2 = The games for day two of ESL One Cologne

Round 3 = You catch the drift.

I didn’t express that however, unfortunately.

So, moving forward, I will call it “day” instead of “round” and the world will be much happier.

Results From Previous Picks

The results are almost in from Day 1 and Day 2 of ESL One Cologne

We’re still waiting for some of the results from “day” two and when they’re in, I’ll update this post. But for now, these are the results.

Day 1:

  • Astralis ML to 1.95 WIN
  • GenG ML to 2.26 LOSS
  • NIP -1.5 (2-0) to 2.81 LOSS

Day 2:

  • Complexity -1.5 (2-0) to 1.94 WIN
  • Heroic ML to 2.37 WIN
  • Mousesports ML to 2.37 LOSS

I actually had some other picks as well at ESL One Cologne but I couldn’t post them due to finding the picks after the post was made. I do however post most of the picks i find at my Twitter for CSGO and in my Discord.

I also have two spreadsheets that you should follow:

  1. Main spreadsheet that includes all picks.
  2. New spreadsheet that only includes picks from this website.

I think that was all I needed to say.

Let’s move on to the new picks from ESL One Cologne shall we?

OG – Sprout

This match is scheduled for Saturday the 22th of August

Sprout surprisingly took down BIG in their first match of ESL One Cologne.

I’m impress by Sprout. They did good and they followed the plan they had going into the game. What I’m not impressed about is BIG underestimating Sprout. I do understand why they did it, but I don’t agree with it. It shouldn’t belong in sports at all.

It’s safe to say that BIG got what was coming for them and I’m extremely happy that they lost. I do not like the team too much. They’re good, but they’re also extremely overrated. BIG is a team that shines online where nothing really matters, at least in the long run. We’ll have to see how they tackle the future.

OG had a lucky day versus NIP. The swedes didn’t put their best effort into that game unfortunately and naturally they lost in the end. They had multiple chances and options to close out the game but they just couldn’t. Instead, OG took advantage of the mistakes of NIP and closed out the game 2-1.

I don’t expect the same thing happening versus Sprout if Sprout sticks to their gameplan. As long as Sprout avoid playing too passively, they do have a good chance at taking this winners match at ESL One Cologne.

I caught this odds early and my plan was to post it yesterday. Due to lack of time I couldn’t however, and the odds has dropped a bit. I still see value in the bet as I would have Sprout around 2.40 – 2.50 but you could also wait and see how the odds shift and hop on the train if it rises.

The pick will be Sprout ML to 3.00 at BET365

Chaos – 100 Thieves

This match is scheduled for Thursday the 20th of August

Chaos is the shit.

Not really, but close. It’s an interesting team and they really have a good teamplay, they just lack the players for such a good teamplay.

What I mean by that is that the players in the team, except the IGL steel who lays out the gameplan, isn’t experienced enough for such a teamplay and the results kinda proves that in the long term.

They still try, and they do good quite often, they just don’t manage to close out the games they need to close out and therefore they’re not really a top contender. They have the elements, they just lack the experience really.

100 Thieves had a tough time against GenG but still closed out the game. I’m quite amazed how they managed to do it but I’d say it wasn’t only because 100 Thieves was the better team since GenG had a rough time sticking to their gameplan.

Now it’s a new match and I still don’t see how 100 Thieves are gonna manage to outshine Chaos. They will probably underestimate them, as they usually do.

I’ll go with Chaos.

They have something going and I want more of that.

Lucky for you, the odds has gone up a bit. Right now you’re able to grab it at around 2.70 – 2.80. If you can, do it.

The pick is Chaos ML to 2.65 at PIXELBET

As stated above – don’t forget to follow my social medias and also my new spreadsheet to have a chance to get every pick that I find, especially now when ESL One Cologne is happening. I’ll link them below one more time.

CSGO Twitter
Main Spreadsheet(All picks)
New Spreadseet(Website picks only)

Make sure you follow these channels to get the latest updates regarding my picks and also to see the stats!




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