ESL One Cologne: My Best Picks For Day 4

ESL One Cologne: Best Picks Day 4 (Friday 21th August)

ESL One Cologne Picks Day 4

Close Call

My original plan was to make a post tomorrow for tomorrow’s games. That went sideways as the odds for tomorrow’s game came out quite recently and BET365 is above everyone else on my favourite match for tomorrow.

That’s a lot of tomorrow.

Without further ado, let’s go over them.

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Mousesports – MAD Lions

I know that Mousesports looks exactly like they’ve done the entire 2020, but this time they’re facing MAD Lions. They simply cannot lose this match. If they do, there’s no more words left for this team and they will probably change players as well. They’re just looking like a disaster right now.

Still, I favour them in this matchup. MAD Lions is simply worse, worse looking and a shittier team. That’s just a fact.

There’s no room for error for MAD Lions and when what they’re already doing is just errors, the matchup just spells disaster. They looked really bad yesterday and they’ve looked completely and utterly shit since they dropped HUNDEN and Bubzkji left. MAD Lions will continue to look like this, nothing can save them.

Now. For Mousesports to win they need to do three things:

  1. Play their own game
  2. Not underestimating MAD Lions
  3. Stop choking

It’s not as hard as it might look.

Mousesports is the better team and they have every bit of chance to prove it tomorrow. I don’t think they’re ready to be eliminated from ESL One Cologne just yet. They indeed have insane pressure on them right now and while that is choke-factor in itself, they simply have to try.

I’m certain they will. Everything else would be a disaster.

They don’t need to win ESL One Cologne, they only need to win over MAD Lions. That can’t be too hard.

They will also end up on my blacklist. It’s a tough one.

The pick is Mousesports -1.5 (2-0) to 2.50 at BET365


Heroic did exactly what I predicted them to do. They continued moving forward with their gameplan and it indeed worked out as intended. FaZe had no chance really. Amazing performance by Heroic.

FaZe still has some power in them though. It was the first game with kjaerbye and it’s also right after player breaks. They need a bit of time.MIBR didn’t look better though. They got demolished by G2. There’s no words for it.

FaZe should be able to dominate this game. I can’t really see where, on what map and how MIBR are going to win. I guess the only way is if their teamplay is on the level it were at when they where the number one team in the world, and that won’t happen of course. MIBR just isn’t there.

FaZe is favoured in this matchup and I agree with it. They have the better players. They’re not necessarily the better team but it shouldn’t matter too much versus MIBR.

Neither team will win ESL One Cologne and neither team has what it takes to actually win ESL One Cologne, but FaZe is definitely on a level above MIBR and they should show that in tomorrow’s game.

The pick is FaZe -1.5 (2-0) to 2.26 at BETSSON

Let’s see how it goes at ESL One Cologne. So far we have had some good results. Hopefully it will continue today and tomorrow!

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