ESL One Cologne: My Best Picks Day 7-8

ESL One Cologne 2020

ESL One Cologne My Best Picks For Tuesday & Wednesday

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I know the title says Day 7-8 now and while it’s correct, we need to adress what Day 7-8 means. So far, we’ve had six days of matches.

Today, Monday the 24th, there’s a break. Tomorrow, Tuesday the 25th, the games resumes, which makes tomorrow the day number 7 of matches. That also means that Wednesday the 26th is Day 8.

Todays post will be about my picks for the games that are scheduled for Tuesday(25th of August) and Wednesday(26th of August) which translates to Day 7 and Day 8.

Trust me when I say that I would love to write Round 2 and Round 3 but that’s just impossible with this format.

Thank you ESL One Cologne.

This post is refill of the one I did yesterday.

FURIA – 100 Thieves (Tuesday 25th of August)

I thought that FURIA was going to be a contender for the ESL One Cologne 2020 title. I’m not equally convinced as of now.

FURIA seems to have lost their power lately and gained a bit more sloppy playstyle, one they used to have a year back. I’m a bit worried since this team actually is an extremely good one, they just lack that consistency and power to overcome every opponent like a bulldozer, whenever they need too.

FURIA doesn’t really have that magic superpower like Astralis did where they wouldn’t let a team have anything to say in a match and just 2-0‘d every one they played against. I’d love to see that from FURIA, and you occasionally do, but lately it just haven’t looked like that.

100 Thieves isn’t the best team and I’ve roasted them too many times. Now and then I see some glimpse of hope thinking that they might just pop off soon. It’s hard to say if they will, but I do see moments where they have the opportunity to win a match but awkwardly enough fail to close it out.

While I don’t think that 100 Thieves will win this match, they do have a chance. Inferno from 100 Thieves looks quite good and while FURIA is known to like that map, they do play extremely inconsistent on that particular map, leaving more questions than answers to if they’ll close it our not.

I believe that we will see three maps in this matchup. There’s some good chances it might happen. I’d say we have two perfect teams for exactly that scenario.

Pick: Over 2.5 Maps to 2.12* at BETHARD

*Please note that the odds may shift from the time of posting

Liquid – Cloud9 (Wednesday 26th of August)

I can’t see how Cloud9 will take a map from Liquid at the moment, Cloud9 just seems too lost right now. They stumbled and fumbled against Triumph yesterday and even though they won, they didn’t perform like they should’ve performed.

Cloud9 is a good team. Don’t get me wrong. They just lack the mentality, mindset, experience, routine, general playstyle and some good tactics to be a contender. In a game that’s buildt on teamplay, that’s not too good.

Normally this would be detrimental to a team but seeing that Cloud9 has some exceptional individual skill on their team, they kinda make it work anyways.

Cloud9 should’ve 2-0‘d Triumph yesterday. They didn’t. They lost, without exaggerating, at least 7 rounds that was theirs for the take. They stumbled, fumbled, played extremely arrogant and just couldn’t seem to get the ball rolling. That just doesn’t work at this level. You will lose rounds, maps and even matches in that way, just like Cloud9 did yesterday.

Liquid isn’t in their best shape but should have a say or two against Cloud9. They know how they play, they know how good they are in terms of raw individual skill, and they do know what maps they like to play. Liquid knows all this and shouldn’t have any problems with this.

Liquid needs to get back to their usual form and start dominating again. That starts with beating Cloud9. They have a new coach, a new player and a new mindset.

It should be a 2-0 win here.

Maybe the can go all the way and win ESL One Cologne NA. Who knows really.

Pick: Liquid -1.5 (2-0) to 1.90* at BET365

*Please note that the odds may shift from the time of posting

Let’s see how it goes at ESL One Cologne. So far we have had some good results. Hopefully it will continue today and tomorrow!

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