Dreamhack Open Fall 2020: My Best CSGO Picks Today

Dreamhack Open Fall 2020

Dreamhack Open Fall 2020

The Recent Results

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As you can see… the results didn’t really go our way. A bit unfortunate seeing that the picks actually were really good pre-game. About an hour before the matches was going to start we got the news that oBo left complexity and also that x6tence would use a coach due to benching a player. This is probably the single most thing I hate about CSGO. The news about changes and stuff always shed light right before the matches are going to start. You rarely get this information a day before and it definitely doesn’t work the same way as other sports.

x6tence actually played really good, despite losing a key player, and actually had a 15-9 lead on the second map and in true CSGO spirit, they choked, and didn’t manage to win the map. Complexity made a tough comeback on the first map and won it but ultimately choked on the last two maps instead. Mousesports even lost 2-0 to bloody Endpoint.

It was a bad day overall. It didn’t really go as planned. It happens. It really sucks, but it happens. Maybe you should evaulate more than once in the future about going for the favourites. They rarely show up unfortunately, even when it’s a tournament that means basically everything for the team.

The first round went shit and the majority of the picks in the last post was a loss. The second round was a bit better and the third round, which was yesterday, was pretty good. Unfortunately I couldn’t share the picks here on the site. I didn’t manage to prioritize my time yesterday which led to no picks here on the website. It sucks, but it happens.

Today however, I managed to find time, and make time. Today we’re gonna blast out some picks. It will be from Dreamhack Open Fall, ESL Pro League and ESEA Europe actually.

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Let’s move on to some new picks from Dreamhack Open Fall 2020!

My Best CSGO Picks

I won’t write anything about these picks. It will be a post that’s best described as a book then and I don’t bother doing that. Odds may shift, as always.

Enjoy the picks!

ESL Pro League

  1. EG ML to 1.66 at BET365
  2. EG -1.5 to 2.75 at BET365


Singularity – Nexus

  1. Nexus -3.5 to 1.90 at BET365

Dreamhack Open Fall

c0ntact – Mousesports

  1. c0ntact ML to 3.00 at BET365

Sprout – North (Friday 25th of September)

  1. Sprout -1.5 to 3.40 at BET365
  2. Sprout ML to 1.75 at BETWAY

*Please note that the odds may shift from the time of posting

Let’s see how it goes at Dreamhack Open Fall 2020

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