DH Open and IEM: My Best CSGO Picks

DH Open and IEM New York

DH Open and IEM: My Best CSGO Picks

Yesterday’s results

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Again, we fall on some stupid decisions by teams and whatnot. I’m not saying that my predictions never are wrong, they definitely are, but recently we’ve been insanely unlucky with some decisions from and by the teams themselves.

Yesterday Hellraisers fucked up big time. They did two really bad decisions. One being that they let Overpass into the game, a map they never play. That’s a big red flag. The second decision is probably equally dumb, if not more dumb. They picked Vertigo, a map they’ve played 14 times in the last 3 months where they have a win rate of 35%. See the dilemma? They didn’t make it easy for themselves and naturally they got punished for it.

Hellraisers tried to be smart, at least that’s probably what they tell themselves. Picking Vertigo because Nemiga sucks there is smart, but you have to have a plan then. Also, Nemiga isn’t good at Dust2 either, even though they play it, which Hellraisers are. But no, let’s play Vertigo. Stupid CIS moves.

I’ll keep saying this though. It happens. As much as it sucks, it happens. That’s a part of Sports Betting, how worthless it may seem or feel.

New day means new picks. Today we’re heading to DH Open Fall, which is Dreamhack’s RMR tournament. We’re also getting some picks from ESEA and IEM New York as I rather throw out every pick I got than just a few of them. Volume is key, at least for me.

As always…

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Lets move on to the DH Open Fall!

DH Open, ESEA and IEM CSGO Picks

DH Open

Astralis – Heroic

  1. Astralis -1.5 to 2.50 at BET365

NIP – Sprout

  1. NIP -1.5 to 2.50 at BET365

IEM New York

ForZe – Cyber Legacy

  1. ForZe -1.5 to 2.20 at BET365

Spirit – Nemiga

  1. Spirit -1.5 to 2.75 at BET365

FURIA – Liquid

  1. FURIA ML to 1.66 at BET365
  2. FURIA -1.5 to 3.25 at BET365

New England Whalers – TeamOne

  1. NEW -1.5 to 4.33 at BET365
  2. NEW ML to 2.10 at BET365


The Nemiga games might be voided seeing they play versus Spirit in IEM New York before the ESEA games. Be aware.

Nemiga – Hellraisers

  1. Hellraisers ML to 2.75 at BETWAY

Alternate Attax – Nexus

  1. Nexus -2.5 to 2.27 at PINNACLE

Nemiga – Wisla Krakow

  1. Wisla Krakow -2.5 to 2.65 at PINNACLE

*Please note that the odds may shift from the time of posting

Let’s see how it goes at DH Open Fall and so on!

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