CSGO Betting: Complete Statistics From 2020

I Love CSGO Betting!

If you want to read more about the VIP Group and what’s it all about, just click here!

It’s that time of the year when we take a step back and look at what we’ve accomplished this year. I’m quite happy about doing this nowadays, since I started with Sports Betting, because I’ve always managed to have a nice profit at the end of every year during my time in the business and therefore had something to look back too and be proud of.

If I didn’t have Sports Betting however, and if I didn’t have CSGO Betting, I would probably refrain from doing a look-back at all lol!

Well… anyways, let’s have a look at how things turned out, shall we?

CSGO Betting Public Spreadsheet

Picks: 1759
Wins: 870
Loss: 889
Win rate: 49%
Avg odds: 2.38
ROI: +7%
Units: +345.86

Key Parts

  1. In the first 6 months we had a total of 767 picks with a ROI of 4% and a total profit of +73.70 units even though we only had 3 months with a profit!
  2. In the last 5 months(AUG – DEC) we had a total of 992 picks with a ROI of 9% and a total profit of +272.16 units!
  3. From August – December we had a winning streak of five consecutive months with a profit!
  4. 8 months with a profit out of 12 possible, where one month was a break, leading to 3 months in total that had a loss. This means that we made a profit in 8 out of 11 active months giving us a nice 72% win rate of 2020! (lmao)
  5. Taking a break from Sports Betting is a good thing sometimes, especially when you haven’t really had one before.

Monthly Stats

These are the full and complete stats from CSGO Betting in my public spreadsheet that I’ve been using this year. I love to dive a bit deeper than what’s normal so here you go!

The VIP stats are shared separately for December as it has its own spreadsheet.

Public Spreadsheet


VIP Spreadsheet

CSGO Betting VIP


As you can see, we’ve had a pretty good time and overall a pretty good year. I must say that I’m very happy with the results that has been and I must say that the second part of the year is undescribably better than the first part. I guess you sometimes just need to take a break, relax and do other things, something that I rarely do, and have done before.

I do believe that the break that I took in July really made me regain my focus and strength to go all-in for the rest of the year. I was extremely tired and I almost hated every bit of CSGO and CSGO Betting until I took a break. I almost felt like it was time to quit.

I’m glad I didn’t, looking back, and I’m glad I took a break. Sometimes that’s just what you need to do for yourself.

Seeing the numbers above, you can clearly see that there are some more picks booked in my public spread than in the VIP spread for December. While that may look suspicious, it’s really not. The reason for this is that there is a couple of shared bets that was shared with the public before the VIP started on 1st of December. Sadly the majority of them was a complete failure.

Sometimes I just don’t enjoy Tournament Winner Picks..

Anyways… Naturally, I did not to share these bets(even though I shared one since the odds where similar or better) in the VIP as they had already been shared publicly. The majority of the picks had dropped in value and some of the picks wasn’t even available anymore which made it quite easy not to share them. The VIP Group are all about value and the members will get every pick that I take absolutely first, not second. That’s just how it is.

Now that we have that taken care of, what is there more to say really?

I’m not sure. I’m just thrilled and glad that the year ended in the best possible way. I’m glad the VIP group started in the best possible way. I’m also excited about the future and what it could bring, both publicly and privately. I’m overall just excited for what 2021 has to bring both regarding CSGO Betting but also in my personal life.

One thing is for sure however…

I will take more breaks when I need too.

In the upcoming days I will have some news to share regarding the website itself but also the VIP Group! I might just have a sweet offer available for the start of the next year…

Keep your eyes open!



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