ESL ONE COLOGNE EU: Can Astralis Become The New Number 1?

Can Astralis Become The New Number One?

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Nobody really knows!

They’ve had a rough couple of months since both glaive and Xyp9x has left the team due to being burned out leaving only three players of the core intact. These troubles has also left the team in uncertain territories and has created an atmosphere no one thought they’d ever end up in.

Astralis was number one and no team could bring them down. Unfortunately, when both glaive and Xyp9x left, the team began their downfall.

Astralis tried to fill the gaps with players such as JuGi and Snappi but it didn’t really work out as expected. They actually signed es3tag earlier to that but since he wasn’t available due to still being contracted to Heroic, they couldn’t use his firepower.

Recently Astralis has added Bubzkji from MAD Lions which finally could be the addition that can make Astralis strike back and climb to the top. With both Bubzkji and es3tag ready to go, Astralis has uncovered firepower that the team never really had before.

Two questions remains though…

Can they still be as competetive as they’ve been?

Will the teamwork be as good as it used to be?

No one really knows. But I’m certain they have something up their sleeves.

I believe they have a lot of surprises hiding for the teams coming into this tournament. They’ve done the homework and they’ve been preparing like no other team has for this tournament.

It’s time for a comeback!

Does Astralis Have What It Takes?

I would say that they do.

It’s a team with a lot of confidence, structure, teamplay and an epic mindset.

The best part about this team is that they have actually evolved to something better now. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still better as a team with glaive and Xyp9x. The worlds best IGL and clutch-king isn’t left behind.

What I mean is that Astralis just got so much more firepower added. While teamplay still is what matters in the long run, Astralis has lacked some firepower when they were the best team in the world.

They usually won their matches due to teamplay rather than firepower. They’ve never really been the team that had that raw individual skill or firepower like s1mple, and frankly, they didn’t need it.

But it’s always nice to see a team who have both elements and now, they kinda do.

With es3tag and Bubzkji I’ll be shocked if we don’t see them go out guns blazing. I’ll be amazed if we see anything else other than raw individual performance from these two.

I do know that Astralis is very strict, firm and structured as a team and that they definitely have had some positions and tactics that they would want both of these two to play. Still, I believe they feel that this is their ultimate time to shine. There’s no better time to show it.

They will play their positions, they will follow the team tactics and they will play ball. But I also believe, very strongly, that they will run through walls if they get the chance.

They’re hungry. They gotta eat.

Can Astralis Overcome The Competition?


I don’t think there is a better time for Astralis to come alive.

COVID-19 has rocked the world, tournaments has been held online instead of offline and teams has been affected by the pandemic. This has led to teams and players lacking in results, thinking that they can relax a bit more now since no one knows when things will get “back to normal”.

I don’t think that the majority of the teams are ready for this tournament. I honestly do not believe that a top team will win this tournament, except Astralis.

The winner of this tournament will be the team who has spent the most time in practice, in what form that may be. Teams such as BIG and Complexity have a huge chance to win ESL One Cologne.

This opens up for Astralis. I don’t think we will see Vitality, G2 or NaVi bringin’ the big guns. Performance will be seen but I can’t see them being a contender for the title.

Now. It is online.

I know that teams of this caliber rarely performs out of their minds online. Every player and team has been on a break and have had their fair share of well deserved rest and since the pandemic ain’t over, teams have to adapt. Teams gets more and more comfortable with playing online.

Astralis should have adapted to that by now.

They know that they won’t see an offline tournament in the upcoming weeks and months and they know that the tournament organizers doesn’t stop and wait for offline events to arrive. Astralis has to adapt, they have to be on point and they have to perform as good as they used to do offline.

If they don’t, they will crumble.

Can Win The Tournament?

Can they do it?

That’s the real question.

I do believe that they can do it.

If we take a look at the odds for a second we can see that NaVi, BIG, G2 and Vitality are the favoured teams to take home the ESL One Cologne title.

Astralis Odds

While I can’t agree with NaVi, G2 or Vitality being there, I can accept that BIG is ranked as a contender to bring home the title. They’re just that good right now, especially online.

NaVi, G2 or Vitality isn’t equally good online and they both have disturbing flaws in their playstyle. These teams don’t lack individual skill but they do lack teamplay and when it matters the most these teams have choked more than once in the past.

Astralis isn’t the best team online. Not a chance. They’re good at adapting though. They’re good at finding solutions to problems that no other team usually seems to find. They’re good at creating unique playstyles and individual plays that makes you question if they’re human sometimes.

We’ll have to see how it goes but I can’t see how Astralis can’t be a top contender at this tournament if they play their own game. They’ve had time to figure out the next move, they’ve had time to practice and build a new team with their two additions and they’ve had time to visualize themselves as the number one team again.

These elements could be enough to be crowned as the winner of ESL One Cologne. These elements could be enough to overthrow every team on the field.

12 times the money for one of the best teams in CSGO, and CSGO history, to win an online tournament with teams they’ve beaten so many times before… that’s just nuts.

Astralis to win ESL One Cologne at 12x is my bet for the EU tournament.

We’ll see how it goes.

It’s a long tournament and there will be a bunch of games before we see who’s the winner.

Let’s got Astralis!

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